Thrive and Live Your Life | Project 8 – Phase 3

Keep It Going!

In my years of coaching and training thousands of people, I’ve learned and seen firsthand that it’s the moment after your big push when you either thrive and continue making yourself a priority or you begin to lose ground and fall back into bad habits. Make the decision now to THRIVE. The definition of

Make the decision now to THRIVE. The definition of thrive is to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. Now is the time to keep progressing no matter how hard life pushes back by diversifying your food and exercise and evolving your plan into a way of life with your family and friends.

In the THRIVE Phase, continue to eat clean and supplement with the ZEN Fuze™ Shakes and ZEN Fit™. Also, try introducing new recipes, adding a cheat meal once a week, and switching up your exercise routine. It’s time to own your health. It’s time to live your life energized. It’s time to THRIVE!

1)  Reprogram Your Mind to Eat Clean

Maintain your achieved results by reprogramming your mind to continue to eat clean. Supplement with ZEN Fuze™ Protein Shakes + ZEN Shape® and ZEN Fit™.

2) Diversify Your Eating Habits

Diversify your eating habits by trying other clean-eating recipes, or ZEN Fuze Protein Shake recipes.

3) Energize and Enjoy Your New Healthy Lifestyle

It’s time to live invigorated in your new healthy and fit lifestyle.


download Project 8 phase 3 Download your copy of the step-by-step THRIVE Phase 3 Guide.